About us

CP Partnerships Legal & Consulting is a strong value driven legal and consulting firm specialising in providing services to organisations working in the child protection, out-of-home-care (OOHC) and disability space.

The core of our practice is working with organisations to build sector, orgnisational and staff capacity on issues of child protection, OOHC and disability, so they can focus on providing valuable, safe and effective services and Advice, supports to the children and young people they work with, their families, carers and communities.

Our clients work in an extremely sensitive, highly regulated, complex and often changing sector. 

CP Partnerships provides a range of services to assist our clients with:

  • Assessments, Investigations and Reviews

  • Compliance, Accreditation and Registration as a service provider

  • Advice, Litigation, Dispute Resolution, Inquests and Inquiries

  • Tenders, Contracts & Agreements

  • Tailored Training and Workshop Facilitation

  • Development and Implementation of systems, policies and procedure

We are experienced lawyers and consultants but believe that legal expertise in an adviser is a given - a minimum expectation. Client service is paramount.

CP Partnerships recognises the ethical, policy, regulatory and commercial reality in which our clients operate. We understand the particular challenges and opportunities faced by our clients. From the day-to-day issues facing organisations adapting to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) environment and/or changing government policy and regulation in child protection and OOHC. 

We provide advice and assistance to our clients from a child centred, human rights perspective, while also ensuring the advice and assistance is pragmatic and effective in addressing the complex challenges they face.  

Yes, we do provide legal advice and assistance to clients when things have gone wrong, but we aim to partner with clients to prioritise working on prevention and develop strong solutions that become embedded in the culture of their organisation.  

As required, CP Partnerships collaborates with a network of other value aligned and experienced lawyers and consultants on a project basis. This allows CP Partnerships to assemble the most appropriate set of skills and knowledge to work on specific client projects, including larger projects. All CP Partnerships employees and contractors are committed to providing effective and just outcomes for all our clients - large or small.


It’s CP Partnerships' goal to partner with clients to nurture sustained relationships, so that we work together to ultimately help government and non-government organisations best fulfill their duties to promote healthy families and communities and keep all children and young people safe from abuse, neglect or ill-treatment.



We act with our clients rather than just for our clients. We work collaboratively in resolving our clients’ issues.  By working closely with our clients to obtain an understanding of their particular organisation and issue(s), CP Partnerships proactively works to assist in their development as strong, effective, positive, and safe organisations.  

We strive to work closely, respectfully and well with staff, other lawyers, consultants and stakeholders involved in a matter, be they regulatory bodies or other service providers, so we can help achieve a calmer, faster, better outcome for our clients and in turn their clients – the children and young people, their families, carers and communities.

We are flexible, personable and professional. We believe that being professional does not mean being adversarial, distant or aloof.

Our clients tell us we are friendly, caring and approachable.


We are passionate about the safety and well-being of vulnerable children and young people.

But we are not only passionate about our work, we are experienced advisers and litigators.  We have strong knowledge, skills and experience gained from working for government, non-government service providers, as well as in front line roles with children, young people, their families and communities. This enables us to see our clients’ matters from different perspectives and in a broader, more holistic context, and allows us to provide more robust and effective advice and assistance.

We believe the issue of protecting and promoting the well-being of vulnerable children and young people deserves experienced lawyers to deal with the hard issues, usually in time sensitive situations.  Passion, enthusiasm and commitment is not enough when it comes to dealing with complex, multidimensional human problems or with people dealing with complex and stressful situations.  That is why our clients’ matters are dealt with directly by experienced lawyers and consultants, including the Principal Director, who understand the issues and know what they’re doing.


We also provide legal advice and representation to individuals - children, young people and adults, who are or have been impacted by issues of child abuse and neglect, discrimination and other human rights issues – Read more about what we do /how we help individuals