CP Partnerships can also provide legal advice and assistance to individuals in the following areas:

  • Care and protection

  • Reviewable decisions (Administrative Law) impacting on children or young people in the child protection, OOHC or disability sector made by government or non-government organisations.

  • Family Law (Parenting matters only and where there are identified issues of child abuse)

  • Discrimination and other human rights matters as they relate to children and young people in care and/or with disability

  • Coronial matters arising from the death of a child or young person in care

  • Service delivery under the NDIS for children and young people, including those in or leaving the out of home care (OOHC) system

  • Identifying whether children and young people in or who have left the OOHC system have legal rights to financial compensation or other supports

All our work, whether with organisations or individuals, is based on a strong child centred, human rights perspective.