Our philosophy is embedded in our name

CP Partnerships” reflects what we do and our approach to our work:  

  • Child protection

  • Care and protection

  • Collaborative practice

  • Common purpose

  • Community practice

  • Consistent practice

  • Conscious prevention

  • Community participation

We work with clients to build and support positive systems, families and communities that keep vulnerable children and young people safe from abuse, neglect and ill treatment so they can be nurtured to thrive and achieve their potential.

Our knowledge and experience has shown us the reality and importance of the simple statement “it takes a village to raise a child”. Raising and supporting healthy children and young people so they are safe and can develop into healthy, productive adults can only be achieved in partnership, not isolation.

We work by building relationships and working collaboratively with others to achieve outcomes.

Our name, CP Partnerships, reflects that:

  • the goal of our work is child protection or more precisely, working to increase the care and protection of children and young people and prevent their abuse and neglect in all its forms, and defending and promoting the rights of the most vulnerable - children and young people in the child protection, out of home care system and those with disability; and

  • the focus of our approach is to achieve sustainable change to the protection of children and young people through forming partnerships and working collaboratively with others - individuals, government and non-government organisations, as well as families, communities and wherever possible, children and young people themselves.