Pre–agreed pricing and other means of costing

We understand that certainty of costs for our clients is important. 

CP Partnerships' approach to managing legal and other matters is to ensure that services are provided in a cost effective and strategic manner, having regard to our client's business or personal circumstances and their needs and objectives.

We use a range of fee structures depending on our clients matters/projects: Fixed, pre–agreed pricing, as well as daily and hour rates. 

Fixed, pre-agreed pricing means we work on an agreed price with our clients that is reflective of the value of the work undertaken rather than having it determined on an hourly rate and by the length of time taken to complete it. We agree on a fee before we start so there are no surprises and our clients have certainty.

Engaging us involves the following steps:

1.     We have an initial discuss/meeting with our client to scope out /determine their needs.

2.     We provide our client with a clear statement of the scope of the work to be done and price.

3.     If our proposal is acceptable, we ask our client to sign a formal cost agreement.

4.     We carry out the work as agreed and seek our clients feedback.